Getting started with Screen Printing

At SFXC, Screen Printing is in our blood. We specialise in water-based inks and coatings which are just ideal for this versatile printing method.

Harvey Lloyd Screens | Screen Printing

Have a read to find out more about screen printing, what things you can print onto and the best products for the job!

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What is Liquid Crystal?

Liquid Crystal is one of the most beautiful yet versatile smart materials around:
A living protein that is very sensitive to changes in temperature. It
transitions between the colours red, green and blue when the temperature is between 24C and 29C.

Liquid Crystal

When not in this temperature range it appears black. Read on to learn about the properties of Liquid Crystal and how it can be used!

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Glow in the Dark FAQs

We get lots of questions about our Glow in The Dark products (inks + pigments).

SFXC Glow in the Dark Powder 

We've had a chat with Oliver, our Material Scientist to get all the answers you've been searching for . . .

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SFXC creates the World's Largest Colour Changing Floor at The Tate Modern!

SFXC is proud to have advised upon, researched for and orchestrated the world's largest colour changing, Thermochromic floor.

Installed in the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall in collaboration with Tania Bruguera, this Hyundai commission was called "10,142,926" relating to mass migration within 1 year.
Read on to learn how we tackled this immense project!

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Cleaning up our act at the O2 Arena!

Want to find out how SFXC created a specialist colour changing coating for one of the biggest music venues in the world?

Cif The O2 Arena SFXC Toilet Urinal Blog Post

Read on! It was certainly one of the most unique project's we've done!

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SFXC® Smart Materials in Space

Thermochromics change colour at different temperatures. We set out to demonstrate the unique ways you can use this super material . . .

SFXC in Space | Thermochromics

It turns out, the possibilities really are out of this world! Read more to go up, up and away!

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Glitter . . . the ultimate finishing touch!

Show-stopping . . . jaw-dropping, glitter fascinates us all . . .

Glitter Pigment Powder

Discover how glitter is manufactured and get ideas for incorporating this sparkling material into your art, products and life!

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Secure a Colourful Future

Fraudsters, Forgery and Colour Changing Coatings . . .

Read our blog post to discover which materials keep your information top-secret and secure!

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A Change Over Time...

Thermochromic coatings have been used for a vast range of innovative and exciting applications, but this one stands to the test of time. We recently supplied a selection of our finest Thermochromic Inks to a creative material application company in London called Material Evolution Lab, who we love supplying our...

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Romance is Blooming with Colour Changing Flowers

We were recently lucky enough to supply the outrageously cool Bompass and Parr with our thermochromic coatings. Bompas and Parr are a luxury food and drinks company in London. They not only manufacture food and beverages but also take part in some amazing art and marketing installations. Bompas and Parr...

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At last! Thermochromic applications made easy!

As a special effects and coatings company, SFXC® are often asked how to apply a thermochromic coating to a surface without using the standard methods like screen printing or spraying. It is not always easy for those with a lack of experience, as it can take time, be costly and...

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Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses

Zaphod Beeblebrox in 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' used sunglasses that turned completely dark at the first sign of danger, thus preventing him from seeing anything that might alarm him. The only drawback, is that you can't see anything, including where you're going!   That invention may seem like...

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A Colourful Guide to Thermochromic Materials!

SFXC's one stop guide to the colourful world of Thermochromics! These materials change colour at certain temperatures and are available as inks, coatings, pigments and printed plastic films and vinyls. Thermometers and temperature indicators are manufactured in this way.

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It's a kinda magic.....

Colour shifting pigments seem to flip from one colour to another depending on what angle you view them from! Often used in car paint and high end art and design, colour shifting materials are pearly, iridescent and beautiful!

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We can see you in the dark!

You see glow in the dark things in all kinds of places, but it is most common in toys. Our customers can do practically anything with our glow in the dark products. Making a wall covering, glow aeroplane, glow in the dark fishing tackle, warning signs that need to be...

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What are Smart Materials?

What exactly are smart materials? For those delving in the colour changing world for the first time, we have summarised what you need to know about the different effects available. Most often, smart materials are influenced by an external source, which causes a molecular change- which is often reversible.

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