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We've worked with some of the leading names in the retail, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries; such as Unilever, Dyson and Nike. We work with you through all stages of project development: Estimating, Design, Printing, Finishing and Delivery.

To begin, let's talk Engagement… 

You see, first and foremost—print is a visual medium. To make your brand memorable, it’s important to engage our other senses too: touch, smell…these are key channels which can lead to that all important sale or learning opportunity. So—what if the very ink you use to print your design determines that conversion? 

Smart materials are fascinating to all ages, and the perfect tool to increase audience receptivity. By offering interactive potential, this simple invitation is far more likely to be shared. Whether you’re delivering education, working with other businesses or individual customers, printing items using SFXC pigments and coatings will create your USP and get people talking!
If previous print campaigns didn’t rally customers or your ROI was below par . . . or perhaps you’re just looking for that extra allure—go against the grain and impress with printing materials done the smart way.
Have a chat with us and we’ll help you to decide the best effect, printing method, format and finish for your project!


(PC and Mac files accepted)


We aren't just limited to publishing with paper or card
We welcome designs using plastics and fabric materials
We also cater to Screen Printing

Formats available:
Single to Multicolour
Continuous Stationary
Multi-part sets

Large format up to 60 inch width for posters and banners

Low/medium quality with fast results

Ideal for leaflets, newsletters, business cards, labels/stickers and catalogues

Great for longer, high volume print runs. Produces a thicker, glossier coat

Ideal for newspapers and magazines


Wiro Binding
Saddle Stitching

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