Smart Materials

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Getting started with Screen Printing

At SFXC, Screen Printing is in our blood. We specialise in water-based inks and coatings which are just ideal for this versatile printing method.

Harvey Lloyd Screens | Screen Printing

Have a read to find out more about screen printing, what things you can print onto and the best products for the job!

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What is Liquid Crystal?

Liquid Crystal is one of the most beautiful yet versatile smart materials around:
A living protein that is very sensitive to changes in temperature. It
transitions between the colours red, green and blue when the temperature is between 24C and 29C.

Liquid Crystal

When not in this temperature range it appears black. Read on to learn about the properties of Liquid Crystal and how it can be used!

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Glow in the Dark FAQs

We get lots of questions about our Glow in The Dark products (inks + pigments).

SFXC Glow in the Dark Powder 

We've had a chat with Oliver, our Material Scientist to get all the answers you've been searching for . . .

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