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We've often been asked to provide colour changing coatings for many unusual and unique ideas. When we were contacted by Cif, a large cleaning company, they set us the challenge of creating a colour changing urinal for O2 arena in London. Naturally, we stepped up to the mark as they say!

The brief to develop a special sprayable coating was no wee task! Not only did the effect have to be reversible, but the coating need to adhere to a special vinyl surface, and have the ability to withstand a torrent of use.

So after research, tests and close collaboration, we ended up with a Thermochromic coating ready for use at one of the most well known music and culture venues in the world! Well, the photos below show our hard work was a success!

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Colour changing urinal that changes when you wee on it

thermochromic colour changing toilet urinal

Thermochromic urinal

What other unusual applications have you seen that use Thermochromic inks?

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