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We are often asked how Thermochromic coatings can be applied to a surface without using the standard methods like screen printing or spraying.

For those who lack experience, screen printing can be a timely, costly and messy task! Luckily, SFXC have cut and stick adhesive Thermochromic sheets.

Thermochromic Rub & Reveal Film becomes translucent when the coating reaches 28C/82.4F or 31C/87.8F. To activate, simply touch with warm hands or rub with a finger or thumb. Great for masking secret images, colours or text!

In the world of product design, rub and reveal packaging has already been used to great effect.

These vinyl sheets can be applied to most smooth flat substrates - no hassle required!

Just remember to apply the sheet with care, ensuring each edge lines up with the surface you're covering to avoid air pockets from forming. Peel the backing away from the film a small amount at a time. Apply the film to the surface to be covered. Finally, press down with a smooth flat object like a plastic ruler or credit card towards the edge to remove any air bubbles.

What clever ways can you think of using Thermochromic sheets? What things would be fun to hide and reveal with heat?




I wld luke to ask if the film is water proof? Thank you

Jan 06, 2017

Oliver Dredge:

Hey Angelia

Express postage is 2-3 working days and standard is 5- 14 working days :)

Sep 27, 2016

Angelia Lau:

Hi, I would like to check with you if I order one piece of Thermochromic film, how long does it takes to reach Singapore? :)

Sep 26, 2016

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