As a special effects and coatings company, SFXC® are often asked how to apply a thermochromic coating to a surface without using the standard methods like screen printing or spraying. It is not always easy for those with a lack of experience, as it can take time, be costly and fairly messy if you don't know what you are doing!

If only there was a more simple way? Well, there now is.....we are delighted to say that SFXC® have developed an amazing thermochromatic film that is adhesive backed, that can be applied to most smooth flat substrates. It is ideal for those that want to see the effect of a colour changing thermochromatic material without the hassle,

It has many uses including masking secret images, colours or text and many Arts and Crafts projects. It has already been used in the production of rub and reveal packaging to great effect.

Our SFXC® Thermochromic Rub & Reveal Film becomes translucent When the coating reaches 31°C revealing your hidden layer. This can be achieved with warm hands or by rubbing with a finger or thumb.

SFXC® Thermochromic Rub & Reveal Film is safe, easy to use and has wipeable surface. Our thermochromic film can be cut to size with scissors or a guillotine. The Thermochromic film measures 300mm by 420mm.

Please contact us for our other heat sensitive temperature ranges of thermochromic colour changing adhesive backed films

As with any adhesive-backed material the film needs to be applied carefully from the edge and lined up with the substrate it is covering to avoid air pockets forming. Peel the backing away from the film a small amount at a time. Apply the film to the surface to be covered. Gently press the surface with a smooth flat object like a plastic ruler or credit card towards the edge, being careful to remove any air bubbles. Continue to remove the backing and repeat as before. Depending on the area to be covered, applying from a corner can be helpful. It is sensible to test a small area first before applying the film to a large area.

Please read the TDS and MSDS before use.




I wld luke to ask if the film is water proof? Thank you

Jan 06, 2017

Oliver Dredge:

Hey Angelia

Express postage is 2-3 working days and standard is 5- 14 working days :)

Sep 27, 2016

Angelia Lau:

Hi, I would like to check with you if I order one piece of Thermochromic film, how long does it takes to reach Singapore? :)

Sep 26, 2016

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