Glitter makes a brilliant show! Our glitters are fine pieces of light-reflecting decorative material and some are holographic, we have over 40 to choose from and we are adding more everyday!

SFXC® glitter can be used for most types of art and crafting that include scrapbooking, stamping and embossing, on textiles and many fabrics and much more. We are suppliers of SFXC® Glitter base screen printing ink that is a neutral glitter screenprinting ink. It is full of tiny glitter particles that can be coloured. Our glitter fabric is ready to use and available in Champagne or Silver. SFXC® also supply of Glitter Gold Pigment for sale that are used by our customers use in resins, paints and plastics.

The uses of glitter are endless....but there are 1,000's of glitter types and materials available. Many are made for specific applications e.g. where a high temperature is required or a particular substrate is selected. This has opened the door to many uses for glitter and below are just a small number of them: Popular glitters have been used for cosmetics or makeup, including face and nail art.

Often called sparkle dust or fairy dust, glitter can also be mixed in with other products...For example, you can make embossing glitters by mixing glitter with embossing powder. Glitter can be mixed into pigments, varnishes or paints for an amazing sparkle effect. It can be mixed into nail varnish or on top of the varnish or mix it in to acrylic or gel. It is also used on the face by beauticians for face painting.

Some people sprinkle glitter on their hair and use a hair spray to keep the glitter in place until brushed out.  Most glitter is machine washable when used with a fabric glue. So you can use it on textiles, clothes or bags, cushions, quilts, greeting cards or advent calendars.

Glitter has been used in the making of gold and silver jewellery making and has been used for enamelling where glitter can withstand high temperatures. It is also used with lacquer to spray paint cars or motorcycles. Glitter often creates an amazing effect in Decopatch and some washable glitter is even used in fly fishing to decorate fishing flies as lures.

In fact it does seem that glitter can probably be used for everything.....but it is important to read the glitter's MSDS before commencing any projects, as not all glitters are the same. By their nature though, glitter pieces are very small and care is always required in the application and an adult should always supervise the use by a child. We love our glitter, but that love affair is short lived when it goes where you don't want it....a glitter bomb on your carpet! If safely and considerately used glitter is great fun to use and can give great satisfaction creating your artistic masterpiece!


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