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Glitter, Glitz and Glamour!

Holographic Rainbow

Glitter are fine pieces of PET (polyester) film which reflect and scatter light in brilliant and mesmerising ways. The film is metallised and then cut into tiny shapes merely millimetres in diameter.

Glitter can be used for most types of art and crafting that include scrapbooking, stamping and embossing, and numerous textiles. SFXC stock Glitter Base screen printing ink - a neutral glitter screen printing ink which is full of tiny glitter particles.

SFXC Glitter Base Screen Printing Ink

We also supply Glitter Gold Pigment suitable for use in resins, paints and plastics. Both these products offer endless possibilities to designing stunning apparel, merchandise, cards and marketing materials.

Glitter and holographic pigments can withstand high temperatures. Often called sparkle dust or fairy dust. You can make embossing glitter by mixing glitter with embossing powder. Most glitter applied to materials with a fabric glue are machine washable. That means you can bedazzle clothing, accessories, cushions or greeting cards.

Glitter is used in the production of gold and silver jewellery and enameling - both processes which involve high temperatures. Glitter can be utilised in automobile and vehicle coatings by combining them with a lacquer and sprayed on. Washable glitter is even used in fly fishing to create lures for fishing flies.

What glitter effect is your favorite? What surfaces, materials or items do want to coat with glitter?


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