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Smart colour changing inks are revolutionising the way businesses market their products . . .

Color changing printing and labels

Make your company branding memorable with colour changing advertising and marketing - these enable potential buyers to interact with your item, making it all the more likely that they will become a customer!

The ability to produce printed materials that indicate changes with temperature,
UV exposure or when wet are all available to capture the attention of today's ever-changing market.

colour changing coasters

Interactive prints are perfect for education, kids games, leaflets, flyers, food and drink coasters, fashion, magazines, CD covers, labels and packaging.

Thermochromic inks change colour with temperature when touched. Heat sensitive coatings are ideal for hiding a secret message, image or colours.

Photochromic inks change colour under UV light or in the sun. Great for promoting UV awareness (since the colour strength depends on the strength of the UV index).

Hydrochromic inks are white when dry but then become transluscent when wet. This is another fun product to hide images, text or colours. Perfect for promoting competitions, on packaging, games, labels, stickers and more.

SFXC offers printing solutions via Digital and Litho Printing Service and Screen Printing Service in addition to a full Design Service. We cater to businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to fully fledged conglomerates.

These services are suitable for both small or large runs and we offer prints made with reversible and irreversible products. We can print onto a wide range of substrates including plastic, rubber, adhesive films, card, paper and fabric.

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