Color changing printing and labels

Colour changing inks are now being incorporated into innovative printed items that can indicate changes in temperature, UV exposure and exposure to moisture.

This exciting print allows the receiver to interact with their items and reduces the risk of the printed item being disregarded and tossed in the bin. We are more likely to keep something if we find it interesting or if it does something cool.

We print using a wide range of reversible and irreversible colour changing inks. This includes coatings that change colour when touched, coatings that change colour in the sun and inks that change colour when wet.

Interactive prints are perfect for education, kids games, leaflets, drink coasters, magazines, leaflets, CD covers, record labels, packaging and branding.

colour changing coasters

We can print onto a wide range of substrates including plastic, rubber, adhesive films, card, paper and fabric.

Thermochromic inks change colour with temperature. Thermochromic inks can be used to hide a secret message, image or colour. This is a perfect product to use for competitions or promotional items with a twist. These products have been used by some very big companies on items such as drinks bottles, beer cans, boxes, cd covers, soup pots, coffee cups, flyers and labels.

Photochromic inks change colour under certain UV lights or in the sun. These inks work well when promoting UV awareness as the change in colour depends on the strength of the UV index. Photochromic inks are widely used for colour changing flyers, labels, magazines, t-shirts, hats and printed wristbands.

Hydrochromic inks are white when dry but then become transluscent when wet. This is another great product for hiding images, text or colours, making it a perfect product for competitions, packaging, games, labels, games, stickers and more.

We can print small or large runs using the very latest in printer and ink technology.

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