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SFXC specialises in a fascinating variety of colour changing smart materials.

From fashion that changes colour in the rain (Hydrochromic) . . .

. . . to art installations that react to changes in temperature (Thermochromic) . . . these materials bring an entirely new dimension to design, making the possibilities truly infinite.

The colour change in Photochromics on the other hand, is triggered by the presence of UV light (such as sunlight or artificial UV light from a lamp). These materials react when triggered by both a 'Photochromic' and 'Thermochromic' force.
SFXC Photochromic Colour Changing T-Shirt

SFXC sells a broad range of Thermochromic ink in two different variations: ink that becomes clear when heated (available in number of different colours and activation (trigger) temperatures: 15, 31 and 47 Degrees Celsius). We also sell ink that changes colour when heated. Our Thermochromic Colour to Colour pigments change to a different colour at a certain higher temperature. These pigments can change from Purple to Pink, Orange to Yellow and Green to Yellow!

We also sell Thermochromic ink set in adhesive sheets that can be cut and applied to a piece of artwork, then rubbed to reveal your design underneath.

Andy O'Rourke Snow Dog - Liquid Crystal Sheets



Hi Snehi,

Our Thermochromic Liquid Crystal can be applied onto wood. We’d recommend our Sprayable Liquid Crystal ink:

Sep 14, 2021

Snehi Zaveri:

Can the thermochromic liquid crystal be used on wood?

Oct 13, 2017

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