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How Thermochromic Inks Work...

In life, nothing stays the same. Unless it is the colour of the paint on your car! You now dislike that blue, but there is no way you would want to go to the time and vast expense of painting it.  But, sometimes the things we love, our possessions and...

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Photochromic Coatings for Printing Colour Changing T-shirts?

Photochromic inks change colour in the sun! SFXC sun sensitive coatings are invisible inside and colourful outside. Our photochromic plastisol ink is perfect for making colour changing t-shirts. If you come up with something really cool, please send us some pics for an upcoming feature on the SFXC website. Check...

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Hydrochromic Ink That Changes Colour When Wet?

Using hydrochromic ink supplied by SFXC, I have combined dazzle camouflage and my own camouflage design for jackets, which fold into bags that change colour when wet.  I am also working on accessories, incorporating colour changing qualities, to complement the ‘bag’ jackets.

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