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A Colour Changing Coating a Day Keeps the Fraudsters at Bay . . .

In the 21st century, fraudsters and security hackers are everywhere, both in the streets and our digital world. Thankfully, specialist coatings are one smart solution that makes it harder for criminals to copy private or high worth data like currency and legal documentation.

Read on to learn about what special effect materials provide that extra barricade to safeguard our valuable information:


Holographic pigments and coatings display a shimmering rainbow effect and are especially prominent against a silver background.

They are often used to create security marks in the form of 'holograms' on cash notes in pretty much every currency. Holographics have beneficial properties such as excellent durability - they can withstand high temperatures and strong UV exposure.

Holographic - Cash Money
Invisible Security Inks

Invisible inks and coatings allow authentication documents to have printed areas which are not visible in daylight. Under either black or UV light, all can be revealed!

SFXC stock an Invisible Ink Concentrate, in addition to Invisible Inkjet Inks, shown in the image below.



Thermochromic - Changes Colour with Heat | Thermochromic Adhesive Sheets

Thermochromics change colour at certain temperatures. So security symbols or important graphics can be hidden from public view.

 Various activation temperatures and thus methods of disguise are available . . .
Touch and Reveal and Rub and Reveal (27C/80.6F, 28C/82.4, 31C/87.8F)
Heat and Reveal (47C/116.6F)
. . . allowing someone's ability to uncover all important details to range in difficulty.


Photochromic coatings and pigments change colour in UV or sunlight. This offers manufacturers another option for making hard-to-copy materials. Certificates and official documents do well with this sunny effect.

What is the coolest security authentication mark you've come across? What material was it made from? Holographic or something else?

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