CREATIVITY GONE? SFXC Design can turn it on . . .

As creators and innovators, we mix creativity with science. We care equally about how we conduct our design work, as to what we concoct in our lab...

SFXC’s dedicated approach brings you:

Smart materials

Smart design

Smart service

Smart quality

Smart prices

Our full Design Service is available for new and returning customers at every stage of a project. Tailored to your requirements, we strive to make the process as cost effective as possible.

Our services include:

Research & Development
Material Sourcing and Consultancy
Product Design, Manufacturing and Application
Print and Design

We offer a range of printing options for all your reprographic needs. Our in-house designers can create business cards, labels, banners, packaging, apparel and more . . . We cater to Digital and Offset Litho Printing methods. Working with water-based inks means we have a wealth of knowledge on screen printing. Read about our partner screen printer.

We have also worked on a huge variety of Installations, Events and Direct Marketing campaigns of all sizes and budgets.

Want a design that's BIG?
Billboard? 200,000 sq. ft floor?
No problem!

Watch the video below to see the Thermochromic colour changing floor we helped to design, in action at the Tate Modern. Check out our blog post to see how we executed this gigantic project!


Learn more about SFXCs other favourite collaborations below . . .

We worked with Material Evolution Lab to create a timely, thought-provoking art exhibit using our Thermochromic inks. Find out more in this blog post.

Thermochromic ink


Looking to design something more delicate? We got fantastic results when we worked with Bompas and Parr on their colour changing flowers installation. Our trusty Thermochromic coating injected a little bit of magic into this unique project . . .


Community-minded? Andy O'Rourke created a fantastic public 'Snow Dog' installation. Watch this video to see how he used our Liquid Crystal sheets . . .

Andy O'Rourke- Liquid Crystal 'Snowdog'


In the fashion industry? We have you covered. Clothing . . . shoes . . . accessories . . . we do it all. We love working on colourful projects, so when Material Evolution Lab asked us once again for help, this time: to design wacky, colour changing trainers. We couldn't wait to team up!


Working with a particularly tricky material? Don't hesitate to get in touch! Under time pressure? No worries . . . We have successfully turned around many amazing projects under tight deadlines.

Our service doesn’t stop at ground-level either. SFXC designs have been to space, we’ve collaborated with NASA . . . if you have lofty ambitions, give us a call.

Contact us for an initial consultation or send through your spec (and get a free quotation) to discuss how we can meet your needs. We endeavour to surpass your expectations every time.