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SFXC has an array of materials perfect for Halloween . . .
Special effect inks, coatings, pigments, powders, glitters and plastics . . . you're sure to find the right material for your project!
If you want to experiment with different effects or can't decide what to try, our Halloween Trial Packs offer trial sizes of inks, pigments and glitters.


What effects are best for Halloween? The following examples stand out best on dark or black backgrounds - great on Halloween night!
Glow in the Dark
Neon Florescent
Touch and Reveal Thermochromic is a great choice for inviting (or warding off!) Trick or Treaters!
Here are just a few application ideas:
Glow in the dark t-shirts, scented Halloween party invitations or party menus, resin ornaments, glow in the dark or orange scented slime, touch and reveal Thermochromic Halloween costumes and decorations, treat or treat candy bowls Fluorescent ink screen prints, spooky Thermochromic resin, jewellery, arts and crafts . . . you could even pimp up your pumpkins with glitter!

What special effect will you try this Halloween?

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