We had the opportunity to welcome the Mayor and his staff of Lewes Council on their recent visit to our new offices in Newhaven.  They were met by our Research and Development Area Director Oliver Dredge, who demonstrated the effect of smart materials and in particular thermochromics, photochromics and hydrochromics, whose coatings react and change to colour with temperature, ultra violet light rays and moisture. This technology has great benefits to a number of sectors including the automobile industry, education and Health and Safety awareness – to warn of changes in temperature, and in baby safety products where they can monitor temperature and harmful UV rays using items such as wristbands and sun strength monitor cards.  They were particularly interested to see the development of our liquid crystal inks and specialised sprayable ink and paint coatings.

Thermochromic research and development



Hello Sohiel

Thank you for your email.

Is this going to be a retail item or is it personal? Sounds great!

Kind regards

Oliver Dredge

Sep 27, 2016


I am interested to screenprint one tshirt and I want tip from you witch thermochromic alternative you recommend. I want the tshirt change colour when I workout. Can you help me?

Regards from Soheil
Må gott

Aug 25, 2016

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