Thermochromic ink

Thermochromic coatings have been used for a vast range of innovative and exciting applications, but this one stands to the test of time.

We recently supplied a selection of our finest Thermochromic Inks to a creative material application company in London called Material Evolution Lab, who we love supplying our products to!

On this occasion, Material Evolution Lab were commisioned by an award winning design company in the Netherlands called Commonplace Studio. Jon Stam and Simon de Bakker have created some stunning art installations in their time but this one seriously captives the imagination and our understanding of time.

The Copper Collection is a unique art installation that exhibits day to day items and our thoughts and inspirations over time, such as; daydreaming, eating and the telling of time.  All of the items within this stunning art display have been hand forged by the artists to create high-quality copper objects that tell a story. 

Thermochromic inks are used alongside conductive materials and heating elements to create this beautifully visual product that shows the time with temperature.

Please click here to view our full range of Thermochromic coatings.

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