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SFXC were lucky enough to supply the outrageously cool Bompas and Parr with our rainbow Thermochromic coatings . . .

Colour changing flowers

But who are Bompas and Parr? Only one of the most creative luxury design studios specialising in multi-sensory experiences for their lucky guests! They curate amazing art and marketing installations. B&P are particularly well-known for their stunning food and drink events.

So how were SFXC Thermochromic inks used?
Participants attended a once-in-a-lifetime Valentine's Day workshop, Fleurs des Rêves inside a special florist shop. Here they could create their own colour changing flowers! Two varieties were on offer: one made with Liquid Crystal and the other a Thermochromic coating. Both blooms changed colour when heated either by simply being held or by being spectacularly set on fire!

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What fascinating Thermochromic applications have you seen or would like to try?

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