SFXC specialises in many products which have the unique effect of changing colour. These colour changing effects can be caused by a number of different triggers and reactions, which is often linked to the colour change itself. These triggers can be used within art to create a change in colour on queue purposely. From pieces of latest fashion which change colour when in the rain, through to art which changes colour when there has been a change of temperature to reveal an entirely different effect to the piece. Special effects can completely change design and pieces of art in a fun and entertaining manner.

The two primary colour changing effects are Thermochromic and Photochromic. A shift in temperature triggers the thermochromic colour changing effects. In comparison, photochromic colour changing effects are triggered by a change in UV light- for example, sun light or artificial UV light from a lamp. As sun light which causes a photochromic reaction, is often present when the temperature is warm for thermochromic reaction, these colour changing effects to an extent are linked. On a bright summers day, colour changing effect could occur due to the sun for both a photochromic and a thermochromic colour changing effect. An object of photochromic reaction can be transition glasses, in standard inside light conditions, the lens remains clear when outside the sun and UV rays trigger the lens to darken. Mood rings are an excellent example of thermochromic reaction, the ring changes colour based upon the temperature on the outside of the ring. SFXC sells both thermochromic and photochromic ink to create colour changing effects. We sell photochromic water based printing ink in 5 different colours, photochromic plastisol screen printing ink in 6 different colours and also sell adhesive sheets for easy application. We sell a broad range of thermochromic ink, in two different variations- ink when heated becomes clear, and ink when heated changes colour. Ink which becomes clear once heated, we sell a number of different colours, and we sell different trigger temperatures- such as 15 Degrees, 31 Degrees and 47 degrees. We also sell ink in adhesive sheets to allow a user to stick thermochromic ink on a piece of work, to be able to rub and reveal their work. Our other thermochromic pigments are one colour at a regular temperature and change to a different colour at the higher temperature, for example, orange to yellow.

A rarer colour changing effect is Hyrochromic reactions. This colour changing effect is triggered by liquid- often water upon the area. There are now some umbrellas which have a hydrochromic effect, once rain hits the umbrella, the colour of the umbrella changes to highlight rain. SFXC sells hydrochomic ink for a range of materials such as fabric, paper and in adhesive sheets for easy application.


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Can the thermochromic liquid crystal be used on wood?

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