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You can't help but be fascinated by the way this crackle effect screen printing ink re-creates a really effective 'vintage look'. The SFXC Crackle '2 part system' is a water based product that's ready to use whenever you are!

To start, apply the first coat (Self Crack Underbase). This needs to be printed as a fairly thick layer, then 'flash cured' until dry to the touch. It is possible to colour the underbase using coloured pigments (up to 6%), although the original white gives an amazing crackled effect all by itself.

Secondly, apply the ready to use 'Self Crack' topcoat. If you use less ink, the cracks will be smaller, if you use more ink the cracks will be larger. For best results we recommend you apply a medium to thick layer.  When you have completed your printing you will need to dry out the item or garment for 2 1/2 - 3 minutes at a temperature of 165c (330F).


  •  Mesh - 15 - 43T (38-110)
  •  Fabric type - Cotton or poly cotton blends
  •  Squeegee - Medium 65 - rectangular
  •  Stencil - Water resistant emulsion
  •  Cure temperature - 2 1/2 - 3 mins at 165C (330F)
  •  Pigment loading - Up to 6% Eco pigments
  •  Additives - Softener TS Conc. Retardant Gel.  Crosslinker 200
  •  Storage - In a cool place properly closed > 5C (40F) < 25C (77F)
  •  Cleaning up - Wash off screen using water and a mild detergent

Frequently asked questions

Q:  My Crackle wont crack?

A: You have not used enough


Q:  Can I colour my Crackle?

A:  Yes, use 6% Eco pigments to reach desired colour.


Q:  Is it OK to wash out my equipment with water afterwards?

A:  Yes only use water and detergent, this product is fully water soluable




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