Thermochromic Pigment

Thermochromic pigment changes colour when its heated. The colour changing effect is reversible so it changes back once it cools again. This thermochromic pigment responds to temperatures of 28°C and above so its perfect for body temperature activation and reveal. 

SFXC Thermochromic pigment can be used with solvents and water based varnishes, binders and emulsions. Once mixed, the thermochromic change can be enjoyed in printing, decorating and arts and crafts. 

This pack contains 4 colours, each in 5g quantities:
Blue, Red, Black and Yellow.

Each colour comes contained in a UV protective foil pouch that is resealable for freshness. Once you open the pouches, please make sure you seal it up as fast as possible after use and store in a cool dark cupboard. Once opened the product will last for around 3-6 months. 

Should one of the colours be out of stock, we will substitue with another colour.

Thermochromic materials suffer from increased UV degradation so you will need to avoid prolonged exposure from the sun as this can damage the material and eventually stop it from changing colour.

We also stock a 5 Colour Thermochromic Ink Tester Pack.

Please read both the MSDS and TDS before using any of our products.

If you require larger volumes, please contact us as we can offer you trade pricing if you order over 1kg per colour. The lead time for orders over 10kg will be 5 working days.

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary.