Thermochromic pigment

SFXC Thermochromic Colour to Colour Pigment Trial Pack.
Includes 3 of our most sensitive Thermochromic powders. Thermochromic pigment is reversible and it changes colour starting around 27C.
This makes it ideal for hand touch applications.

This tester pack included:

The mixing ratio is around 10% pigment to 90% carrier. The following carriers can be used: Varnish, Glue, Resin, Acrylic, Paint and Inks.

Thermochromic pigment smart materials are used within a large number of industries including: fashion, print and design, arts and crafts, automotive, marine, military, promotional, arts and crafts, packaging, advertising and interior design.

    Please avoid exposure of direct UV or extreme temperatures.

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    Colours and packaging may vary.  Colours and packaging may vary. Colour varies from batch to batch, so please be aware of that when re-ordering.