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Thermochromic ink is black below 31°C and translucent above 31°C.

Thermochromic Ink is a magical coating that 'clears' when exposed to it's activation temperature: 31C.

Rub and reveal the surface you coat with this ink, to uncover your design beneath! When the ink cools and is below its activation temperature, it will return to Black.

This change can be repeated again and again. Apply 2/3 thin, even coats.  Screen printing method will give you thin, even coats.  You cannot apply this product via paint brush as this will make thick, uneven coat and you will see a milky or cloudy clearance.  Please note one ink cannot be mixed with other colours or layered on top of each other.

Our thermochromic ink comes in 2 parts (slurry and binder) must be mixed 50/50 prior to use. Please let us know when you have placed an order so we can include the correct 2 part system.  You cannot use the Slurry without the binder and it will simply dry and fall off, the binder is what fixes the slurry to the substrate.

Our products can be screen printed onto textiles, paper and board. Please let us know if this product is being applied to different substrates such as wood, plastic, metal, glass or ceramics. It is best to apply this ink using thin coats. Apply via screen printing or a foam roller.

Use to hide messages or text which will be revealed once the ink has reached the activation temperature of 31C...


Please keep this product out of direct sunlight and store in a cool dark place prior to use.

Please click here to view the instructions for printing onto paper and board. The safety data (MSDS) is also provided. 

Please click here to view the instructions for printing onto textiles. The safety data (MSDS) is also provided.  

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary.