SFXC Glitter Unicorn Sparkle Shard Glitter
SFXC Glitter Unicorn Sparkle Shard Glitter SFXC Glitter Unicorn Sparkle Shard Glitter Craft Glitter SFXC Glitter Unicorn Sparkle Shard Glitter

Add some magic to your projects with this iridescent unicorn glitter. Suitable for craft applications, this product is semi-transparent and resembles icy shards, perfect for any creative project.

Shiny and reflective in appearance, this clear glitter has a base of icy white. It has a beautiful sheen that shifts when seen from different angles. Its stunning rainbow of colours varies from purple to blue, pink, red and even green.

This product is luminous in colour and has excellent reflective properties, exhibiting a bright and lustrous effect.

SFXC® glitter is manufactured using high-quality PET film. The film is treated and then cut into irregular shards using high precision machinery. It makes an ideal product to apply loose on a surface coated with adhesive such as clear glues or spray adhesive. It can also be spread or shaken over tacky paint or used as an additive in coatings. It is recommended to apply a topcoat when using this product.

In addition to a handy 25g sample, we have various sizes ready to purchase. 

Surfaces that this glitter can be applied to include paper, board, glass, plastics and fabrics such as cotton or leather. Suitable applications include jewellery, art and craft, resin moulding, interiors, greeting cards and decor. This product is great for any event such as weddings (how about confetti!), Christmas decorations, and will add glitz and sparkle to your show or project too.

This glitter is sure to warm and illuminate any cold heart. Use your imagination and transport yourself to the wonderland of your dreams!

Please view MSDS before use.

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The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary.