SFXC Photochromic Plastisol Photochromic Plastisol Ink Trial Pack

A bright and happy pack of plastisol screen printing inks that turn vibrant colours in the sun. Suitable for fabric and textile applications.

Included in this pack are 4 sunny inks, available as 25ml (samples) or 250ml each of:

Orange Photochromic Plastisol Ink

Yellow Photochromic Plastisol Ink

Blue or Violet Photochromic Plastisol Ink (Let us know at checkout which colour you would like)

Magenta Photochromic Plastisol Ink

Photochromic Plastisol inks can be screen printed onto fabric and textiles, and are best applied to materials with a dense weave.

These inks will not air dry. Heat cure after application to achieve durable wash-fastness. Cure at 149C/300F (do not exceed 165C/330F) using a hairdryer, infrared heater etc.

The 25ml pack comes in handy re-sealable foil pouches. The 250ml pack comes in individual bottles.

If one of the colours you have ordered is out of stock, we will substitute another colour.

Please view MDS and TDS documents before use.

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

This product is NOT made to a specific pantone reference. Colours and packaging may vary.