Fluorescent Powder
Fluorescent Powder Fluorescent Dust Neon Pigment blue Fluorescent Pigment green SFXC Pigment yellow SFXC® Fluorescent Powder Trial Pack

This pack contains 4 of our most popular fluorescent powders.

The bright neon colours fluoresce brightly in the day but also glow under a black light in the dark.

Each colour comes in a 10g pack:
Magenta or Pink (please confirm when ordering)

The particle size is 10 microns and disperses well in most mediums. This product is mostly used with water based binders but has also been used with solvent based systems.

PVC, PE, PP Plastics
Water based ink
Water Based Paint
Textile Printing
Arts and crafts
Paper and board

Please click here to view our full range of fluorescent powders.

Our fluorescent powders are also available as inks.

This product is not for cosmetic use.

Please read TDS and MSDS before using this product.

Please contact us directly if you wish to order over 5kg (per colour).

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please test this product before production, installations, end projects and print runs.

Colours and packaging may vary.