SFXC Thermochromic Film Thermochromic Temperature Responsive Vinyl Film Sheet
SFXC Thermochromic Film Thermochromic Temperature Responsive Vinyl Film Sheet SFXC Thermochromic Film Thermochromic Temperature Responsive Vinyl Film Sheet SFXC Thermochromic Film Thermochromic Temperature Responsive Vinyl Film Sheet SFXC Thermochromic Film Thermochromic Temperature Responsive Vinyl Film Sheet SFXC Thermochromic Film Thermochromic Temperature Responsive Vinyl Film Sheet

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Thermochromic is a fascinating technological innovation that has revolutionised how we perceive colour. This phenomenon involves a substance that changes colour with temperature variations. The discovery of thermochromism can be traced back to the early 19th century when the French chemist Louis Jacques Thénard first observed the colour change of cobalt chloride upon exposure to heat. Thénard's discovery sparked a wave of scientific interest in the field of thermochromism, leading to the development of modern-day thermochromic materials used in a wide range of applications, from mood rings and novelty toys to temperature-sensitive packaging and intelligent textiles. The unique properties of thermochromic materials have made them a popular choice for designers and innovators looking to create products that respond to changes in temperature, making them both practical and aesthetically pleasing.




COLOUR CHANGING: SFXC offers a range of thermochromic film sheets which change from colour to translucent when exposed to temperatures above the activation temperature. The unique property is due to the pigments used in the film, which undergo a reaction that alters their molecular structure. These sheets are easy to use and are made with high-quality materials. They're a versatile and creative way to add an element of surprise and interactivity to your designs, whether you're creating product packaging or art projects.




TEMPERATURE ACTIVATED: This smart material becomes translucent or colourless at your chosen activation temperature.

The 15C (59F) activation temperature is perfect for chill and reveal applications, such as using it on an ice-cold surface.

For touch-and-reveal applications where warm hands (over 28C or 82F) are present, the 28C (82F) activation temperature is ideal.

And if you're looking for a heat and reveal application, the 45C (113F) activation temperature is perfect for applying it to a hot surface.

The sheets are full colour below the activation temperature and translucent or colourless above it. The transition period during which this change takes place is around 3C (5F). Plus, we offer customised activation temperatures upon request, with a minimum order quantity of 100 units.


A SMART MATERIAL: Smart materials are materials that can change their properties when exposed to an external stimulus, like temperature or light. One example of this is thermochromic film, which changes its colour when the temperature changes. Smart materials have many practical applications and are now taught in the National Curriculum. They have been used in innovative designs such as self-healing coatings, shape-memory alloys and responsive textiles. These applications can revolutionize various industries and improve people's quality of life.


HOW IT'S USED: Thermochromic smart materials are a fascinating and innovative way to create unique and immersive experiences in marketing and product design. With the ability to change colour in response to temperature, these materials can be incorporated into various products and designs to create a truly personalised and magical experience for the consumer. The possibilities are endless, from billboards that change colour with the temperature to phone cases that change colour with the user's body temperature. When using thermochromic materials, businesses can create attention-grabbing campaigns and stand out in a crowded marketplace, leaving a lasting impression on their customers. As research continues, more exciting and innovative applications for these materials will likely emerge, making them an essential asset for any business looking to create truly memorable experiences.


HOW IT'S APPLIED: When applying the film, it's important to carefully remove the backing liner by hand to expose the adhesive. Before applying the film, make sure the surface is clean and dry. The ideal temperature for application is room temperature (21°C). Once the film is applied, use pressure to ensure even adhesion. It's recommended to leave the film for 24 hours after application to allow the adhesive to cure and adhere to the surface. In case of cropping or resizing, it's best to use bladed equipment such as a guillotine or a craft knife.




Activation (response temperature): 15°C (59°F), 28°C (82.4°F), 45°C (113°F). Custom activation temperatures are available upon request.

Size: 290mm by 210mm or 290mm by 420mm. Sheet sizes may vary by a couple of mm due to the machine-cutting process.  For custom sizes, please email us.

Thickness: 180-370 micron (once backing liner is removed)

Adhesive: Semi-permanent adhesive and easy peel-release liner to both the sticky side and the smooth side.  We recommend you peel the release liners from the middle and not from the corners.

Colour: Colour to translucent for the 45C and 28C and translucent to colour for the 15C (this is why the 15C degree Vinyl film appears grey) - please see available colours

Texture and finish: Smooth, Gloss (with protective peel-off film layer)

Transition phase: The clearing of colour takes place over a period of 3°C (37.4F°).

Protective film: To ensure that the material remains scratch-free, a protective film layer is carefully applied to the surface. Once the material is in place and ready for use, this layer can be easily removed. This ensures that the material looks pristine and is ready to serve intended purpose. Do not peel from the corner, instead peel from the middle.


SHIPPING & DELIVERY: We take great care in ensuring that your materials are delivered to you safely and promptly. Our trusted delivery and shipping partners enable us to ship materials worldwide FOB. If you require express services, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request. In an effort to prioritiSe sustainability, we make use of biodegradable packaging whenever possible.


HELPFUL & IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We want to ensure you have the best experience possible with our thermochromic film. When removing the release liner from the adhesive backing, please peel it back from the centre of the longest edge. Do not peel it back from the corners as this may damage the thermochromic layer. We highly recommend that you conduct thorough testing before using this material. We have provided a small tester size of 290mm by 210mm above for this purpose. Our intention with this document is to provide guidance, but it should not replace your independent testing. While using this material, please avoid direct exposure to UV and temperatures below 0°C and above 65°C. We also want to remind you that the film may be difficult to remove once applied to your chosen surface, and it may cause damage. Therefore, it is essential to test the adhesion of the film to your desired surface before applying it. Additionally, our product is not a toy, so please ensure that children are always accompanied by an adult when using it. If you have any questions or require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Custom orders (9 or more sheets) cannot be returned, so it is always best to test a single sheet before placing a larger order. Lastly, please note that colours may vary, and opacity should be tested. We hope you enjoy using our thermochromic film!