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Thermochromic sheets are fun - but they can be really useful too!

To repair electric underfloor heating, Liquid Crystal Thermochromic sheets can  save the day!

A broken cable or damaged flooring mat can be one of the trickiest and most expensive repairs, especially if the failure location is unknown.

To prevent digging up the entire flooring (a very arduous task!), a flooring specialist or electrician can locate a break with Thermochromic sheets manufactured to a particular temperature range.

This is done by laying the material across the cable area and running a charge through the cable so it heats up. In spots where the flooring is warm, the sheet displays a colour change. Where there is no change, this identifies cool sections of flooring and thus shows where the failure probably lies.

Once the break is identified, the tile or area above the fault can be removed and the fault repaired. This should be done with a flexible adhesive and grout.

What other uses for Thermochromic sheets do you know of? What's the most unique application you've tried?

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