Liquid Crystal Thermochromic Sheets
Liquid Crystal Thermochromic Sheets liquid crystal sheet Liquid Crystal Thermochromic Colour Changing Sheet adhesive backed

Liquid Crystal Thermochromic Colour Changing Adhesive Sheet can transform through a spectrum of colours just at the touch of a hand...

The stunning and vibrant red, orange, green and blue colours will appear when the ambient or temperature source falls within your chosen bandwidth.

SFXC® Liquid Crystal Sheets have a semi-permanent adhesive backing with enables them to be applied to a most plastic and card substrates. Liquid crystals are organic chemicals with twisted helical molecular structures, which expand and contract as the temperature rises and falls. The reversible colour change of the sheets can be enjoyed over and over again.

These captivating sheets are flexible and can be cut using scissors, cutting knife or a guillotine. Thermochromic sheets are used for a broad range of applications which include engineering, heat mapping, education, arts and crafts, jewellery and interior design.

We also stock Liquid Crystal Ink and Sprayable Liquid Crystal Ink.

Using our Liquid Crystal Sheets- a creative example
An artist called Andy O'Rourke used our thermochromic colour changing sheets for his Snow Dog project. Andy cut sheets that with different activation temperatures of liquid crystal and applied each piece in beautiful patterns around his Snow Dog. The full range of liquid crystal sheets was used to ensure that hot and cold weather would not interfer with the artwork. The snow dog reacts to hot and cold temperatures.

Snow Dogs are large 3D figures in the shape of dogs. These large dogs are positioned around cities to encourage locals and tourists to exercise. The aim of the game is to find each snow dog around cities and take a picture of of it to prove you found the dog. Each dog is given to a local artist before they are put in place. The artist is given the task to decorate the dog in their own style. When the event is over, each dog is auctioned of and the money is given to charity. Andy O'Rourke chose smart materials for his snow dog. Good choice Andy!

The video and images below show Andy's work using SFXC® Thermochromic Sheets:

Liquid crystal

Snow dog

Colour changing snow dog

Liquid crystal film

The vidoe below shows the sheet being held over a hot tea cup:

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