SFXC Reflective Pigment Reflective Glass Micro Beads Pigment - White
SFXC Reflective Pigment Reflective Glass Micro Beads Pigment - White Glass micro beads Glass pigment

This lustrous reflective glass pigment reflects brightly when a light source is directed onto its surface.

A glass microsphere is a scaled-down micro version of the cat's eyes that separate the lanes of a highway (motorway) in the dark. The bright reflection can only be seen if viewed from directly behind the light source (headlamps). You may recognise this effect from the strips seen on high visibility vests.

This white reflective powder is composed of tiny microspheres of solid soda-lime glass. The white micro beads are manufactured from the same glass but without the aluminium coating. The white spheres have a particle size of 45-55µm. The 95% sphericity of these microbeads allows for an even particle distribution with a uniform and bright reflection that can be achieved when a light source is directed at the beads.

Use as an additive in water and solvent-based systems including clear varnishes, paint or print binders.

The original application for glass microspheres was a simple coating that was applied to theatre and cinema screens almost 100 years ago. The microspheres were added to a clear medium and were then applied by hand to the screen material. The microspheres reflective properties allowed the movie watchers to enjoy a brighter projection of the film they viewed.

Glass microspheres are now widely used in thousands of applications and are used by a wide range of industries including fashion, aerospace, automotive, marine, road markings, health & safety, military, fashion, screen printing inks, paints, varnish, art and print, and design.

You can mix 10-20% of this powder with our glitter binder. This coating is ideal for screen printing onto fabrics and textile.

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