Thermochromic SFXC Thermochromic Pigment SFXC® Thermochromic Pigment Violet 28°C

Violet Thermochromic Pigment will become fully translucent when reaches 28°C. These pigments are reversible and change back to its original colour once the heat source is removed.

Thermochromic pigments are coloured below a specific temperature and change to be translucent or a lighter colour as they are heated. This is done using a heat source or warm hands.

We recommend using around 10% to 90% medium to create a colour changing coating.

Thermochromic Powders are thermochromic microcapsules in a powder pigment form. They have been specially designed for use in non-aqueous based ink systems although their use is not limited to this. They can be used to formulate non-aqueous based flexographic, UV, Screen, Offset, Gravure and Epoxy Ink formulations (for aqueous applications we would recommend using Thermochromic slurries).

Thermochromic pigments are ideal for most colour change applications; this includes fashion, design, printing, automotive, promotional, arts, crafts and promotional projects/products. Once added to your chosen medium you will have a stunning and vibrant colour changing coating.

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