Photochromic Hydrochromic Thermochromic Photoluminescent Screen Inks and Coatings
SFXC Smart Ink Trial Pack is a bargain and contains over £50.00's worth of smart inks and is perfect for testing and innovative applications with a twist . . .

This Trial Pack contains the following 4 smart inks:
1 x 25ml Green Super Glow Ink (Glows in the Dark)
1 x 25ml Photochromic Ink (Changes colour in the sun)
~ Choose from: Magenta/Orange/Blue/Yellow/Green ~
1 x 25ml Hydrochromic Ink (Changes colour when wet)
1 x 25ml Black 27C Thermochromic Ink (Changes colour with temperature)

    These inks can be used on paper, board and fabric by screen printing using a 43T mesh screen and a medium shore, square squeegee. 35ml of SFXC smart inks will typically cover 1 square metre (per coat).

    The Glow in the dark Plastisol in the pack can ONLY be used on fabrics, it cannot be used on paper and board.
    Read below to find out what each smart ink can do!
    Hydrochromic Ink loses its opacity when it comes into contact with water. You can use this product to hide hidden messages, images or colours. Once the Hydrochromic ink is applied to your chosen application it will be white in colour. Once water is applied, the Hydrochromic ink will become translucent. This will reveal your hidden layer. This ink reverses back to its original state again and again.

    Thermochromic Ink is sensitive to changes in temperature. This product is perfect for hiding a hidden layer. This could be an image, colour or some secret text. When the Thermochromic ink comes into contact with a heat source exceeding 27°C, the coating will become transparent revealing your hidden layer. This temperature can be achieved by touch (with warm hands) as well as using heating equipment such as a hair dryer or radiator. Thermchromic ink has an extremely large number of innovative applications.  Binder is provided with this product.

    Photochromic Ink changes in the sun by introducing a dramatic appearance of colour. When applied to a surface this ink appears to be colourless. However, when the printed article is taken subjected to direct sunlight the colour will appear. This colour changing effect can be enjoyed over and over again.

    Super Glow in the Dark Ink is an industry standard photoluminescent ink that has a powerful glow strength and lengthy glow time. This product appears to be white in colour during the day. After this coating has charged in daylight for up to 10 minutes, it will emit a bright green glow when the lights are turned off.  This product is for use on fabrics only.