Liquid Crystal Ink -  Spectral Colour Change - SFXC | Special Effects and Coatings - 1
Liquid Crystal Ink -  Spectral Colour Change - SFXC | Special Effects and Coatings - 1 SFXC Liquid Crystal Temperature Responsive Liquid Crystal Rainbow Ink SFXC Liquid Crystal Temperature Responsive Liquid Crystal Rainbow Ink

Please contact us if stock levels are zero. Some SFXC materials are made to order. Custom bandwidths and activation temperatures are available upon request. Bulk volumes are available upon request. 






A SMART MATERIAL - A thermochromic liquid crystal material which changes colour reversibly when temperature is applied.


At room temperature, this liquid crystal coating appears to be colourless. However, as the temperature rises the coating will change from red, to green and finally blue. Our liquid crystal has a bandwidth of 25°C to 30°C. This means that the ink starts to change at 25°C and completes its change at 30°C.

Liquid Crystal looks best on a black background, but does work well on other colours such as blue and red. Avoid applying LC to light coloured surfaces.

Ink coverage = 35ml per square meter per coat.

We recommend applying several very thin coats, building up to 2 or 3 coats for instance. The amounts of coats will depend on the surface material you are working with.

The coating thickness will alter the texture of the coat. Thin coats are matte and slightly rough. Thicker coats create a smooth, gloss finish.

Spray 15-20cm above your surface. Air brush pressure = 20 psi/1.41kgcm-²/1.3 bar (approx.)

Use a water based topcoat to protect the sensitive crystals in this material. Otherwise, it can scratch off. A water-based clear coat or lacquer should be used. Do not use with solvent based products. It will damage the Liquid Crystal. We recommend using our Sprayable Lacquer.

This ink is mainly used in LCD displays but can also be used for education, printing, design, and arts and crafts. Liquid crystal ink has been used in hundreds of innovative applications including, jewellery, footwear, CD covers, packaging, business cards, thermometers, hot warning labels, thermochromic sheets, thermal mapping, interior design, automotive coverings.

Since Liquid Crystal is one of the most expensive (but fascinating) smart materials available, we stock a cheaper option: adhesive Liquid Crystal Sheets. These have been coated with four layers of liquid crystal and can be cut and applied to most substrates.

For screen printing, you can purchase our Liquid Crystal Ink.

The pumps shown in the image gallery were designed by one of our customers! The shoes are made of leather and were coated with Liquid Crystal. You can find more of Heather's work here.

SFXC worked with renowned design studio Bompas and Parr to create an incredible colour changing flower. Read more about the project in this blog post . . .

This short video shows our Liquid Crystal Ink applied to black polyester sheeting:

Shelf life is about 6 months, when stored in a cool dark place.

Contact us for custom and bulk orders.  Please bear in mind, these orders have a 5 -10 day lead time.

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