SFXC Laquer SFXC Sprayable Lacquer

Water based sprayable lacquer can be mixed with Thermochromic inks to create brilliant colour changing coatings . . .

Apply to metal, ceramics, glass and wood. This product can also be applied neat as a protective layer; to ensure the coated substrate is long lasting and durable.

This product has a silk finish.

When applying to dark wood surfaces, please bear in mind that the lacquer may bleach the grain.

Due to the high concentration of the product, a ratio of 50% pigment or ink can be added to 50% of the sprayable lacquer.

Coverage is approx. 40m squared per 5 litres.

Best results are achieved when applied at temperatures between 18-22C/64.4-71.6F. Ensure adequate ventilation. Apply 2-3 coats, 75g/m2 per coat. The thickness of the dry film per coat is 27μm.

Do not apply more than 3 coats per day. This lacquer will be fully cured in 21-28 days.

Please view MSDS and TDS before using this product.

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The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary.