Metallic binder
Metallic binder SFXC Binder Metallic Screen Print Binder

Print and Shine with SFXC® Metallic Printing Binder!

A transparent, water-based screen printing medium with a gloss finish.

Combine SFXC Metallic Binder with up to 10% metallic pigment, such as pure aluminium powders. Our formula helps to increase the reflective properties of metallic pigments it is mixed with.

For best results, don't just add binder directly. If you want a lighter colour shade to the coating you are using, use a fresh batch of binder, adding a small amount of ink or pigment at a time. Then mix and repeat until you have achieved your desired colour.

Once completed, screen printed garments should be washed on a cool, quick cycle.

Screen printing recommendations

Screen mesh size: 43-77T (110-200). Avoid using pigments with a particle size greater than 60um, as this will clog the mesh. 

Use a medium shore rectangular squeegee and a water-resistant stencil.

Heat cure your printed product at 165°C for 2-2.5 minutes.

Clean up with a light detergent.

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View MSDS before using this product.

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

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