SFXC SFXC fuzzy suede foam SFXC Fuzzy Suede Foam Screen Printing Paste

SFXC Fuzzy Suede Foam Screen Printing Paste is a thick white/cream ready to use screen printing paste which puffs up and feels like suede or flock.

A water-resistant material suitable for fabrics (ideally a cotton/poly cotton blend), that is easy to wash or dry clean (however do not expose to high temperatures). It can also be coloured by adding 6% of coloured eco pigments.

Apply this product by itself onto fabric or already flash cured under-bases which will achieve bright hues over backgrounds that have been deep dyed.

When printing onto a design that has multiple colours, the fuzzy suede foam should be the final layer or you won't achieve the fuzzy effect!

How to apply

When screen printing, use a 32-43 (86-110) mesh screen and a trusty rectangular squeegee.

After screen printing, cure at a minimum temperature of 150C (305F) for 3 minutes, or your fuzzy suede WILL NOT rise!

Wash the screen off using water and mild detergent and clean up your equipment simply with warm, soapy water.

Store your ink, tightly closed, in a cool place preferably between 5C (40C) & 25C (77F).

What is Fuzzy suede foam made with?
Application Retardant Gel, Clear CSP, Crosslinker 100

MSDS available upon request. Please contact us.

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