Heat sensitive
Heat sensitive SFXC Thermochromic encapsulated powder SFXC® Thermochromic Pigment Blue 28°C

Blue Thermochromic 28°C starts to vanish at 26°C by the time it reaches 28°C it turns translucent, returning to normal when the temperature reduces.

Thermochromic Powders are Thermochromic microcapsules in a powder pigment form. They have been specially designed for use in non-aqueous based ink systems although their use is not limited to this. They can be used to formulate non-aqueous based flexographic, UV, Screen, Offset, Gravure and Epoxy Ink formulations (for aqueous applications we would recommend using Thermochromic slurries).

`Thermochromic Powders' are coloured below a particular temperature and change to translucent as they are heated. The pigments are reversible and will change back to a colour once the heat source is removed. These powders are available in various colours and activation temperatures.

This colour is available as a Thermochromic Ink.

We also sell Red 31C Thermochromic Pigment.

Can't decide what colour pigment to get? Try our Thermochromic 4 Colour Tester Pack!

If using this pigment to formulate your own ink, this Electric Paint Sprayer is an ideal tool to apply an even coat to any surface.

Our Thermochromic pigments can be added to resins to create fascinating designs. Why not try our Epoxy Resin Kit for beginners too!

Are you a seasoned pro in the resin casting department? Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin kit is a great option if you're looking for a larger volume of resin.

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