SFXC® Bling Gold Glitter
SFXC® Bling Gold Glitter SFXC® Bling Gold Glitter SFXC® Bling Gold Glitter

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Add some glimmer to your project with this beautiful craft glitter. A simple product that will improve the aesthetics of any coated item, giving it the bright and colourful shine it deserves....

SFXC® glitter is manufactured using high-quality PET film. The film is treated and then cut into tiny hexagonal shapes using high precision machinery. The glitter is cut to a particle size of 0.2mm, making it an ideal product for mixing with clear mediums, as well as applying loose to a surface coated with adhesive. Glitter can be applied to a surface using clear glues or spray adhesive. It can also be spread or shaken over tacky paint.

This product is bright in colour and has excellent reflective properties, exhibiting a bright and lustrous sparkle under lighting.

  • 0.2mm hex
  • Solvent resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 180°F
  • Non-Toxic
  • MSDS available

Suitable Applications include jewellery, stationary, greeting cards, glass decoration, resin moulds, Christmas decorations, textiles and leather, plastic coatings, glitter shakers and much more.

Please contact us for the MSDS and trade pricing.

Packaging may vary depending on the volume or size ordered.