Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Ink

This is a ready to use, water based screen printing ink, for use on paper, board and fabrics.  It's very easy to use and nothing needs to be added.

This awesome coating changes through an array of beautiful colours when activated by temperatures of between 25°C and 30°C (77°F and 86°F). On a black backing, this product appears invisible until the threshold of 25°C> is crossed. Once activated, this clever ink exhibits its first mysterious change in colour, as if out of nowhere a red appears, at 27°C the red fades to a shamrock green and then at 30°C is replaced by a royal blue. There are at least 12 shades of colour in total; these interconnect the red, green and blue.

Liquid crystal is one of the worlds most unique and fascinating smart materials and is used by multiple industries for a wide range of applications. From space rockets to mood rings this outstanding product has left its mark and captivated audiences across the globe. Because of it's high sensitivity to temperature this ink is used as an indicator of temperature and is widely used in the manufacture of LCD thermometers. This ink is also used for high-end art, fashion, design, print and other innovative uses.

Liquid crystal ink shows off its boldest colours on a black backing. Other backing colours can be used, but we do not recommend this. Multiple coats can be applied to create colours with extra toxicity. Unlike it's older brother (Chiral Nematic), the cholesteric ink requires more coats to achieve the bright rainbow effect. Liquid crystal is very sensitive to other chemicals, especially solvents. Please ensure that the base coat and protective topcoat used is compatible with the liquid crystal. Small tests must be made to ensure the effect is not lost due to contamination. To purchase our compatible coating systems, please click here. Due to liquid crystals chemical makeup, a protective topcoat must be used to prevent the migration and contamination from external substances. This product can be applied by brush, stamp or screen printed. Please ensure no contaminated equipment is used during the application of this ink.

Please thoroughly test our products before production, print runs or projects. Trade pricing is available upon request. The TDS and MSDS must be read in full before use. Please check availability before ordering 500ml and over. Packaging may vary.


The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary. 

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