Hydrochromic Ink
Hydrochromic Ink Hydrochromic Wet and Reveal Ink SFXC Hydrochromic Ink Hydrochromic Reversible Wet and Reveal Screen Printing Ink for Fabric

SFXC Hydrochromic Screen Printing Ink is the perfect for creating colour changing Wet-and-Reveal clothing, art and accessories . . .

Hydrochromic Ink is white when dry and translucent when wet. Once the ink dries it returns to white. 

Ideal for obscuring messages, colours and text. Please note that Hydrochromic is white and therefore, do not try and cover hard dark colours like black, dark blue or red, instead lighten those colours to be grey, light blue or pink or you will see the dark colours through the white coating.


This is screen printing ink and should be applied via screen printing method for best results.

Apply 2 thin coats by screen printing or using a flat foam roller, but remove the excess first because it will be too thick otherwise..

The ink must be cured/dried to 'fix' it at 130C for 3 mins. Use a hairdryer, by gently wafting and being careful not to 'burn' the ink.

Coverage is 50ml per square metre per coat.



A cool idea is to screen print the ink onto stickers and apply these stickers to bathroom tiles. Now you have a colour changing bathroom!

Other of innovative applications include: colour changing umbrellas, swimwear, hats, t-shirts, tents, towels, bath mats, rain coats and much more.

When washing your printed items, we recommend doing a cool wash.

We also stock a Sprayable Hydrochromic ink.

We also stock Hydrochromic sheets to make your project just that bit simpler!

50ml and 100ml are sample sizes. 

Hannah Sykes used Hydrochromic Ink for a clothing she designed for a Uni project - have a look at her video below:

To read the full instructions and safety data information please click here.

Contact us for bulk and custom orders.

Orders over 5 kilo's are CUSTOM ORDERS and will have to be made especially for you, so 5 - 15 days lead times are needed on those.  These orders cannot be returned or cancelled once production has begun.

Thoroughly test our products before production, print runs or end projects.

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Colours and packaging may vary.