Diamond Series Holographic Pigment
Diamond Series Holographic Pigment Holographic pigment uk Hologhraphic dust Holographic Pigments

SFXC Diamond Series Holographic Pigments provide a stunning effect that will bring your application to a whole new level of "outstanding" ....

One of the most recognised applications for holographic pigments is in the manufacturing of banknotes. The pigment creates a hologram that makes it hard to forge banknotes.

Diamond Holographic Pigments have a thickness of just 6µm and a particle size of 50-115µm.

The mixing ratio for this product is 1% to 99% of your chosen clear medium (base) such as solvents or resins. Once you have mixed this product with a clear medium it can be applied on top of a base colour to give that colour a holographic effect. For example: To achieve a silver holographic effect, please apply the mixed product to a chrome or silver base colour.

Other fantastic applications include in finishes for sports cars and other automotives, celebrity fashion, interior design, high end screen printing and graphics.

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