SFXC powder Carbon Black Oxide Pigment Powder
SFXC powder Carbon Black Oxide Pigment Powder SFXC powder Carbon Black Oxide Pigment Powder

Carbon Black oxide pigment is the deepest soot-black powder we stock!

As one of our earliest forms of creative expression, art has helped us to communicate and share stories around the world. The colour black has been fundamental to designs in every artistic medium.

In the modern day, Carbon Black is no longer reserved for the likes of painters or crafters. Scientific development has meant its uses expand far beyond the upkeep of appearances, and is applied on an industrial scale.

As a naturally derived oxide, this colour additive is ideal for developing paints, plastics, adhesives, resins and thermally formed products such as films and vacuum formed plastics.

Here are just some of its super powers:
Anti-static and brilliant conductivity - it's used heavily in the production of electronics, such as screen displays and magnetic tape for data storage devices such as hard drives.

Highly weather-resistant - this powder is often incorporated in coatings for outdoor wires and piping. Similarly, Carbon Black is a popular choice for application in vehicle manufacturing. This includes exterior bodywork such as rear bumpers and interior fuel piping systems.

Excellent UV absorption - the printing industry has taken advantage of its highly concentrated colour and properties. You will find most newspapers use Carbon Black to pigment their inks, such as in the formulation of inkjet inks.

In addition, Carbon Black is great for art and craft projects. But be careful when handling this dark pigment ... it can get messy. Anything you don't want stained, keep away!

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