Liquid Crystal Thermochromic Sheets
Liquid Crystal Thermochromic Sheets LC Sheets Thermochromic Paper Liquid Crystal Thermochromic Colour Changing Sheet adhesive backed Thermocolour Liquid Sheeting

LC liquid crystal sheets are out of this world...

SFXC LC sheets are adhesive backed consisting of a thin layer of liquid crystal that has been professionally printed onto a black background. A polyester laminate is then applied to the surface for durability and protection. A cutting machine is then used to cut the sheets to size.

Liquid crystals are organic chemicals with twisted helical molecular structures, which expand and contract. When the liquid crystal sheets reach certain activation temperature an amazing colourful effect takes place. If you place your hand on a 25C to 30C sheet an amazing colourful hand print appears.

"An Amazing Captivating Tool"

SFXC LC sheets can be used over and over again. Thermosmart products are exciting and captivating tools that can be used in 1000's of applications.

The beauty of these interactive products is that they can be used repeatedly making them very useful for teachers.

"Thermochromic Sheets Are Incredible"

These sheets can be cut using scissors or a craft knife. Please make sure an adult is supervising when using sharp objects

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