Irreversible Thermochromic
Irreversible Thermochromic Thermochromic Pigment

Irreversible Thermochromic pigment is black below 60°C and becomes translucent when the temperature exceeds 60°C. Once the Thermochromic pigment has changed colour it will not change back.

Due to its non reversible properties and high temperature threshold, this pigment is an excellent material to indicate high and unsafe temperatures.

Incorporate this product into plastics via injection moulding, create hot warning labels, find out whether the correct temperature has been reached when curing materials with heat, as a temperature indicator on diesel engines and even in food transportation.

This product has a particle size of around 20um.

To create an irreversible Thermochromic coating, mix this pigment with water-based screen printing binder or Sprayable Lacquer. Combine 10% to 90% of your chosen binder. This product is compatible with both solvent and water based mediums.

We also sell reversible Black Thermochromic pigments with activation temperatures of 27C and 31C.

Our Thermochromic pigments can be added to resin to create fascinating designs.

Please view the TDS and MSDS before use.

Please fully test our products print runs, production, installations or end products.

Please contact us for custom and bulk orders. These have an MOQ of 1kg.

Colours and packaging may vary.