Thermochromic color colour changing paints uk manufacturer

You will love our new SFXC colour to colour acrylic ink.  It can be applied to fabric, canvas, plaster, paper or board.  It can be screen printed with or painted on.

SFXC thermochromic paint changes colour when the surface it is applied to reaches or goes above 31ºC.

When you touch the painted surface with warm hands you will see a dramatic change.

Thermochromic paint can be used for arts, crafts, education, design and promotional items. The list of innovative applications is endless.

"The Thermochromic Colour Change is Amazing!" by Paula Wood, 

You can apply this product with a screen and squeegee, a small gloss roller or a standard paint brush. Once you have applied this product you can use a hair dryer to cure the paint. 


See our demonstration of how to make your own thermochromic colour to colour changing screen printing ink which can also be used as a paint, just click on this link


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