Chameleon Thermochromic Ink Trial Pack

Thermochromic ink is used to hide messages, colours or text...

Chameleon® Water based Thermochromic Screen Inks change colour with temperature.

Thermochromic polymers have helical molecular structures that bend and contract when exposed to certain activation temperatures.  

Chameleon® Thermochromic Inks are reversible and change from a colour to translucent when they reach or go above their activation temperatures. The ink will then revert back to its original colour as the temperature source is removed. These inks are perfect for hiding a hidden image, colour or text.

When mixed 50/50 with the binder there will be 50ml of each thermochromic screen printing ink.

This pack contains 3 of Chameleons® most popular inks:

1 x 25ml Black or Blue 15°C Chameleon® Chill and Reveal Thermochromic Slurry
1 x 25ml Black 31°C Chameleon® Rub & Reveal Thermochromic Slurry
1 x 25ml Red 47°C Chameleon® Heat and Reveal Thermochromic Slurry

We have also included 3 x 25ml Screen Binder for Paper & Board & Textiles. The

Thermochromic slurry must be mixed 50/50 with the binder to create a ready to use screen binder.

Chameleon® Thermochromic Inks can be used in many different applications. This trial pack has been created for students and creative people. This pack is also great for prototypes and initial testing before committing to large production runs. The thermochromic ink in this pack is for paper, board and textiles. These colour changing inks are perfect for colour changing t-shirts, hot warning labels, chilled labels, promotional items, invitations, business cards, place mats, drink labels....the list is as big as your imagination!

Please click here to view the instructions for printing onto paper and board. The safety data (MSDS) is also provided.

Please click here to view the instructions for printing onto textiles. The safety data (MSDS) is also provided. 

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Colours may vary depending on brightness of computer monitors, UV strength or temperature.


The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

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Colours and packaging may vary.