Smart materials

This unique demonstration pack is a great tool for promoting and educating smart materials to students, clients, and creative colleagues. The protective box contains five of the most popular smart materials available on the market including 3D lenticular, thermochromic, liquid crystal, hydrochromic and photochromic.

Each piece of material supplied in this pack measures 50mm by 70mm. The material has been created using high-quality chemicals that offer a stunning display of change with the additional imput of an outside source such as temperature, moisture or light. Photochromic reversible materials change colour in the sun or under intense UV lighting. Thermochromic reversible material changes colour when touched with warm hands. Hydrochromic reversible material changes colour when wet. Lenticular material changes its appearance when viewed from different angles. Liquid crystal material reacts within bandwidths of temperature by exhibiting a spectral change of colour including red, green and blue.

The lenticular sheet sample may vary in colours according to stock.

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