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Glow in the Dark products will make sure you're spotted (for up to 10 hours)!

But if you want to keep something hidden, Invisible ink is the better choice!

Otherwise, let the glow lead the way - Glow in the Dark pigments and coatings emit a strong coloured glow in darkness. SFXC stock glow powders in Green, Aqua, Sky Blue and Deep Purple.

What makes them 'glow'?
A phosphor called Strontium Aluminate! A phosphor is a substance that radiates visible light after being energized or 'charged'. Phosphors have three main characteristics: The type of energy they require to be energized; the color of the visible light that they produce; and the length of time that they glow (called persistence) after being charged.

Common places phosphors can be seen include in TV or computer screens monitor and fluorescent lights. In a TV, a phosphor is struck by an electron beam to excite it. In a fluorescent light, ultraviolet light energizes the phosphor.

How do you charge Glow in the Dark products?
Glow in the dark pigments inks and coatings need to be 'charged' under light in order to glow. Several methods and types of light can be used. Halogen lamps work, but take longer due to their low UV output. Fluorescent lamps excite the Phosphors quicker as they are rich in UV. Whilst sunlight is by far the best source for charging, black light is good for recharging your glow products. Glow products can charge in minutes but can glow for up to 10 hours!

How to use Glow in the Dark powder and coatings
Glow pigment, inks and coatings can be used on many surfaces including drywall, wood, plastic, metals - even fabric!

Want to check the time at night? You need a Glow in the Dark clock or watch. If it's a hassle getting a drink of water in the middle of the night, give yourself night vision by make a glowing light switch cover!

Prefer to have fun and games?
To make a Glow in the Dark toy, Strontium Aluminate would need to be mixed into a plastic and molded.

 How about Glow in the Dark parties, mazes or football games? Let your imagination run wild . . .

For even more information, check out our Glow in the Dark FAQs.

What is the best Glow in the Dark application you've seen or done?

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