Do you want to experiment with the application of smart inks for a project before committing to larger quantities?
Do you want to purchase the best quality inks available but in small quantities?
Do you want to try all four of the most popular types of smart inks at the same time?

Great news! Now you can...Our favourite colourful water-based inks are all together now!

Our brilliant Smart Ink Trial Pack offers you:

1) Thermochromic ink that changes colour with temperature
2) Hydrochromic ink that changes colour when wet
3) Photochromic ink that changes colour in the sun
4) Super Glow ink that glows in the dark.

Photochromic Hydrochromic Thermochromic Photoluminescent Screen Inks and Coatings

It is the perfect way to test and experiment without breaking the bank.

Spray onto your chosen surface or apply by screen printing. Normally, a 43T mesh screen and medium shore and square squeegee will do just fine. As a guide, 35ml of SFXC smart inks will typically cover 1 square metre per coat.

These inks can be used on Paper & Board; Canvas; Fabric; or Wood and Stone. When you order, just select the surface that you wish to apply this to from the menu. This will ensure we include the correct cross linker with your order!

Happy inking!

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