SFXC powder Titanium Dioxide White Pigment Powder

Brighten up your creativity with our powerfully white Titanium Dioxide...

Titanium is a naturally occuring metal, but this element becomes a dioxide when titanium reacts with air.

Largely used as a whitening agent, Titanium Dioxide increases the opacity of the product it is applied to, due to its light scattering properties. Fun fact: Titanium Dioxide is able to scatter light better than a diamond!

It has a high melting point, is UV resistant and will produce a coating that insulates very well. Titanium Dioxide is insoluable in water, and is not suitable for combining with solvents or acids.

Applications for this incredible powder include the formulation of white plastics. Consider any building material, say panelling or paint. It's very likely Titanium Dioxide is hidden inside these finishes.

Other examples of products which require a pure white appearance are paper and toothpaste. It is possible to create an effective glazing medium for ceramic and pottery applications with this powder. This pigment is often used in the production of glass too.

It has high colour strength, so when using this product in your own ink, paint or other medium, only a thin coat is needed. 

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