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Grass Green to Lemon Haze Thermochromic pigments change from one colour to another when they reach 28°C.

Our pigments are unlike your conventional Thermochromic pigments that lose their colour when heated. SFXC® pigments turn into a vibrant neon colour when heated. This vibrant colour change takes place at around 28°C (82.4°F). These temperatures can be activated with warm hands or with the use of a heat source.

Thermochromic pigments are ideal for most colour change applications; this includes fashion, design, printing, automotive, promotional, arts, crafts and promotional projects/products. We typically recommend using around 10% to 90% medium. Once added to your chosen medium you will have a stunning and vibrant colour changing coating.  These pigments cannot be used for dyeing fabrics.

Thermochromic pigments can be easily dispersed into most non-aqueous and UV curable mediums and coating systems.

SFXC® Thermal pigments can withstand most mixing procedures. SFXC® pigments are micro-encapsulated and tend to agglomerate; therefore; some shear mixing may be required to redisperse the particle within. Please avoid using a ball mill as this will crush the microencapsulation and in turn, destroy the Thermochromic Properties.

Thermochromic pigments are sensitive to UV and fluorescent lights. After several days of extreme exposure to UV, the colours will fade, and the colour change intensity will weaken. Over 600 hours of fluorescent light exposure will also damage the Thermochromic change.

Thermochromic pigments should not frequently be exposed to extreme heat. It is not recommended that the pigments are used for applications where temperatures exceed 60°C for extended periods of time. The Thermochromic pigments can withstand temperatures of 200°C for short bursts of time. Freezing the pigments will also have damaging effects.

Solids: 98% +/-2%
Particle Size: 97% <6um
Light Fastness: (blue wool scale) 1 – 2
Shelf Life: 12 months

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