Blue photochromic pigment
photochromic pigment and solar colored dust UV sun photochromic pigment powder and dust Blue photochromic pigment Orange photochromic pigment SFXC® Photochromic Sun Sensitive Reversible Pigment Powder SFXC® Photochromic Sun Sensitive Reversible Pigment Powder SFXC® Photochromic Sun Sensitive Reversible Pigment Powder

This fascinating pigment changes colour in the sun or under certain UV lighting conditions. This includes purple, blue or black UV light.

10% of our photochromic pigment can be added to most binder systems. 5g of pigment can be used to produce 50ml of paint or printing ink. 35ml of mixed product will  typically cover 1 square meter, per coat. 

Mix this product in a metal or plastic container. A plastic spatula can be used when mixing small test batches. A low shear mixer or triple roll mill should be used for professional production. Avoid using a high shear mixer as Photochromic pigments are micro encapsulated and shear mixing is likely to damage the encapsulate.

SFXC® Photochromic crystal (pigment) contain photochromic encapsulated dye. The dye contains one molecule that alters its state when exposed to UV.

Photochromic pigment can be used for a wide range of applications. This includes security, fashion, UV awareness, jewellery, textile printing, paper and board printing,  and arts & crafts.

Photochromic pigments can be mixed with water based and solvent based mediums to create printing inks and paints that change colour in the sun. These pigments are ideal for flexographic, screen printing and UV curing systems..

Standard photochromic dyes (used in the lenses of glasses) are water soluble and cannot be used in aqueous mediums. We have now encapsulated the dyes with in a polymer shell to allow our customers to achieve a photochromic effect when using water based binder systems.

Please read the TDS and MSDS before use. Please click here to view the MSDS and TDS.

We can offer trade and bulk pricing on orders over 1kg. Custom colours can also be manufactured to order. 

Please fully test our products, especially before committing to production, print runs or final projects. 

Like the photochromic eyewear, it is important that you avoid leaving photochromic coated items in ultra strong UV for prolonged periods of time as this could damage the sensitivity of the coating. 

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary. 

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