photochromic ink
photochromic ink SFXC Photochromic Screen Ink SFXC Photochromic Ink Trial Pack

Photochromic ink changes colour in UV sunlight.

When inside, photochromic ink has no colour. When moved into the sunlight it will instantly change into a vibrant colour. This ink is reversible, just like magic.

Whether you're a student or just someone looking to cut material costs and get more for your money, this acrylic, water-based ink trial pack is sure to wow all who witness the incredible combined power of the sun and science...

Applicable on textiles, paper and board. To make things simpler we have already mixed the ink with the binder to give you 50ml of ready to use product, no need to add anything else!

This SFXC Tester Pack contains the following:

1 x 50ml Magenta Photochromic screen printing ink

1 x 50ml Blue Photochromic screen printing ink

1 x 50ml Violet Photochromic screen printing ink

1 x 50ml Yellow Photochromic screen printing ink

The colours can be mixed.

This product is normally applied using a screen and the screen printing method but some students roll the pigments on with small rollers, this product will not work well if you try and brush it on.

Please view MSDS and TDS before use.

The information supplied in this product description is for guidance only. 

Please fully test our products before print runs, projects, installations and production.

Colours and packaging may vary.